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  • LOL. No Prob!
    Sadly to say, sales in Guitar77 don't happen so often. They are having sale now is mainly due to the GSS.
    BUT they can randomly give discount as and when they like. haha. Eg, I randomly got a $50 discount off my guitar.
    Am not trying to kill your wallet but it's best to get it now.

    Studies wise, like I said, all about discipline lah. If you have the smarts to learn a guitar, you should have the smarts to keep up in schoolwork right.
    Ok cool.
    Anyways, being a beginner doesn't necessarily mean that you can only use beginner guitars. The thing about starter packs is that it wouldn't be sort of "a waste of money" if you decided to quit halfway after finding out the guitar is not your thing.

    You CAN get the C1 of course, provided you know you would go all the way without quitting even if learning the F or B chord frustrates you like a mad cow.

    Self taught can get frustrating at times but I believe majority of the guitar players are self taught. It's easy if you have self discipline. D
    If you think you can, then go for it. :D

    Guitar77 sale will not wait for you. LOL
    Hey, u mean u have NEVER, (zero) ever touch a guitar or play one before?
    Cos there's many different definitions of a "beginner".

    If you REALLY NEVER play the guitar before, I suggest you get a starter pack (eg Ibanez, Yamaha), and learn not only how to play, but very basic stuffs like 'what does this do' and all.

    Once you think you're ready to move on to a much better guitar you can get the C1. Or even better, the Schecter 2009 series. :D

    But the question is, how 'beginner' are you?
    Yes you can.
    A Schecter Omen 6 or Omen Extreme falls in the 300-400 range. NOT floyd rose.
    And if you're lucky, they would throw in a free amp (they used to, not sure now)
    Guitar77 should have them in stock cos they do stock up this model often.

    Hey there.There isnt a package for the ltd m50,but Davis is selling the guitar itself at around $300+
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