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  • hi there :D may how much r u selling ur Fender American Fat Strat - Classic White ??? its brand new rite?
    Hey there, I'm sorry if this irritates you, i'm not looking for a gibson guitar, its too expensive for me to afford.. You have quite a couple of Gibby les paul on sale... So my question to you is where can I find Gibson Les Paul Hardcase with the Gibson USA logo on it? Thanks alot.
    Hi interested in your Fender 60th anniversary. Kindly PM the price and where n when i we can arranged for viewing. thanks!!
    hi there,

    how much are looking to sell your Fishman Aura? and may i knw where do you bought this ? I'm searching also for the Fishman acoustic imaging pedal . u can contact me @ 90083971
    hey bro.im interested in ur pick up decal and other stuff,i wanna get it asap.so,can u msg me at 91182064 to discuss.thnx alot bro.=)
    Hi there... how much for the "stupidly cheap" Washburn SJ45S? sms me the price ... 98763630

    hai how much u sell fender malmsteen. plss sms me at 97300330 thanks
    Bro, why not just trade the Jem with my Fender? I believe its of equal value..What's your concern? In case I can't match with the ca$h top up for the JPM, will you consider? Then you can sell it for ca$h as for the JPM..Just my 2 cts..

    are you still interested in buying a camera?
    I have a HTC touch 3G which my hubby bought on 4 Jan 09 and I tried using for 2 days but don't quite get use to it. Would like to let go at S$500. If interested, pls pm me.

    Cheers !
    do u still have the rg1550? If yes,how much u selling it?
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