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  • yo, is that joseph? elias here, shaun soh's friend. i saw your post about the trigger finger on guitar4christ and i'm interested. how long you willing to put it on hold for?
    oh shit. haha i guess the price was an honest mistake on my side.
    do have to note though that sometimes the last knob refuses to 'lok' down, but it doesnt affect the usage of it nor the sound. $55 and its yours bro. sms me at the number i gave to deal. either at cck or tanjong pagar where i work bro
    hi bro the ibanez pm7 on ebenex webby retails for 90 bucks. maybe 60 bucks would be a better price imo. i was lucky to get one of the tone lok series cf7 for 50 bucks fyi. but 100 bucks is too steep. maybe if u can lower to 60 i can deal with u
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