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    Hope you are well. Me and a friend of mine are setting up a band and we're looking for a bassist and a singer.

    Currently, we have a guitarist, emcee, keyboardist and a drummer. All of us have been performing in different bands, genre etc for the past ten years and we're looking for someone who is passionate about music.

    We're in it for the feel and music solely. Anything else that comes after is a bonus.

    Genre-wise, I feel that we aren't limiting it to a specific genre but we wish to explore the band's music based on each musician's unique feel and individuality.

    We hope to know about you and if you're interested to join us for a session, feel free to contact me. Looking forward to hear from you soon! :)

    Hello, my band is currently slowly writing originals. We believe the best form of live music is rock. However, i love to listen and make music that sounds like Muse, born ruffians, foals, etc.

    This is where you can hear our originals made so far:

    My ideal goal for myself is to be able to perform originals full-time, so it doesn't matter if i'm with a band or not, or if i'm in singapore or elsewhere. My drummer is still unsure of what he wants though but at the moment he is willing to tag along with me taking charge of ours and my musical direction. I definitely want us to progress and will make sure we progress. I will not give up. I may not know exactly how to go about getting to the ideal but i know i can learn and will be able find ways as i progress.

    (HP): 97952540
    Hey there!! my band needs a bassist and a lead singer. we cover songs from Switchfoot,Foo Fighters and U2. Simply Alternative Rock type of music yea..i guess i'll play the guitar and singer if we really cantget anyone haha so if youre interested pls sms me at 97287121
    hi there , do you know how to play bass ??me and my band still searching for bassist to complete the missing piece in our band . we usually play our own original song coz we tot by playing the original could express your own idea in the songs .. .. so yah , it be awesome if you reply .. the band we influence : a7x , japanese band , indie rock and roll and stuffs ..Some ppl know much more about music than they think they do . simply feeling and loving the music is enough ..
    Hie bassist, my band consist of rythm, drummer and vocalist we usually played alternative rock,
    band influence: Seether, Evanescene, Paramore and more

    So do u hv a female friends who cn played lead guitarist???
    If u wanna try out do drop a text on my mobile 90187092 thnx
    Hi Crazy.. ehhmm not good, hi woman
    r u bass player?
    have u learn the double bass ?just curious, not so many people playing it right?and u r woman, just want to know how u start to play the DB ?coz i'm really really newbie with this, but to play guitar bass..i know a little bit hehe

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