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  • What they say is misleading coz they have reglued many bridge lifts on Taylor guitars -
    Guitars are made from wood so if the RH is high all wood will expand

    So yes Taylor guitars if not keep correctly or expose to extreme RH will have the same problems with all other brands of guitar

    You can email me and I could send you a price list with pictures of me re gluing Taylor bridges


    I would suggest buying a Big Baby instead of a baby Taylor coz the baby Taylor has no tone bars below the x brace so over time the top will swell and the bridge will tear of - this is same with the GS MINI lots of bridge lifting

    The BIG BABY is way much stable

    Cheers Jarvis
    omg you are Jarvis from guitar saddle?!

    anyway hello Jarvis! may i ask you a few questions..?
    i am thinking of getting a baby taylor, and have heard from many about the bridging problems due to our high humidity levels.

    today i just went down to sinnamex and spoke to the boss, i presume is Steven, and he said that taylors NEVER have problems with high RH in singapore "or else why would Taylor set up a guitar hospital here?" (quote steven).

    hmm.. so now im confused...

    PS: i love your videos, very informative and friendly~
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