wts: Prs SCT w/ OHSC and accessories


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Selling a USA made PRS Singlecut with Tremolo.

Guitar is in excellent condition! This guitar has an AMAZING quilted maple top, PRS tremolo, rosewood fretboard and 22 frets. Fretlife is good. Nice inlay work on this guitar.. Better than most i've seen.
Comes with a push/pull coil tap for those singlecoil sounds!

This guitar is seldom played and the pickups are #6. No tarnish on the hardware.

Guitar has not been modified and 100% original! Comes with PRS hardshell case, tremolo arm and eagle tag.

Guitar has 2 very small nicks. Neck is straight and the #6 pickups pack a real punch!

Guitar costs new easily at $4400. Save tons with this excellent piece with rare top! You will love it!

Selling for $2200.

No trades for this one.

Sms me at 9686 3870

Pic looks like a flattop. Its NOT. Guitar is USA and carved top.