WTS OLC Circuits Thor (Customized yet Cheap!)


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Up for sale is this modified OLC circuits Thor.

For those who don't know this pedal is meant to emulate an early super lead plexi. Think Randy Rhoads/ACDC/EVH stuff. Its really warm and thick, having that vintage vibe captured in a box

This pedal was built and customized by a unique individual reputable around these forums, modifying a tone stack to the original circuit which only comes with volume and gain.(SMS me for whom it is )

The enclosure is a custom colour from Pedalpartsplus.com and cost me $30 USD to ship.
The pedal alone cost me $250 to build and an additional $65 to tweak some mods.

Do the math, i spent about $360 on the entire thing.

I'm only asking for $200 FIRM. thats 5/9 of what i paid. Almost 50% of wad i paid..

No trades sorry.

SMS to 98341879.