WTS: Levy's suede strap, PT2 hardcase, GFS Mean90s, Warmoth strat hardtail bridge


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Selling a couple of items that I don't use anymore:

1) Levy's tan suede strap, model number MSS1 8/10 condition $30.

2) GFS Mean 90 set, nickel finish, condition 9/10 with very minor tarnish, just a couple of specks. $60.

3) Pedaltrain 2 hardcase, doesn't come with the board. Almost brand new condition, never used. $140.

4) Warmoth vintage strat hardtail, chrome, 7.5/10 condition with tarnish on the saddles, baseplate is still shiny. Doesn't come with screws. $30.

Trades/partial trades welcome for the following items:
Suhr Riot
Xotic EP Booster
EB VP Jr 250k (Passive)
Vox AC4TV (10" combo or head/cab)

SMS me at 9751-584three if interested