WTS: Behringer Vamp 2


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Hi selling this underused multi effects pedal. Im selling as i dont really need it. Very nice multi effects, easy to use, sounds good with good patches already placed inside. I actually bought a line 6 pod x3, zoom g2.1u, korg 1500g and pocket pod but i sold em because i like this way better than the others. To me this is easier to use and it sounds better than most of the multi effects i used. Also WAY cheaper in price, what else can u ask for? U can go gig with it, jam with it, sleep with it, eat with it. Its light to carry around plus it has a footswitch and a very nice case that comes along with it. U will never regret this purchase. After using many multi effects at this price range, i believe the behringer Vamp 2 is one of the best ive used. Not using anymore cus ive moved to acoustic. Hope to sell soon ! Looking at only $80 slightly negotiable if able to deal soon. Deal at my convenience please. Thanks ! Contact me at 97270314 for fast deal !
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