Worthy of a speaker change?


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Hi guys, I recently bought a VHT Special 6 head+cab and was wondering if it was worth it to change the speaker in the cab to a spare Celestion g12t75 that my friend has?

Had some good and bad views about this, one of them is that it would be like changing a stock VHT speaker to a stock Marshall speaker. Anyone agree with this?

I'm pretty satisfied with the tone coming from the amp, however just wished that there was better bass response. Would the speaker affect that?
added a celestion g10 to ad30vt before. made the bass super uncontrollable. don't know whether it's universal in it's effect
If the G12T75 is anything like my 2 x 12 (Sealed cab, 2 x G12T75)
you should get tight bass, and overall balance tone.... i like.

If its a friend, borrow for test run : )
Well, I dunch own the Special 6, but from the vids on youtube, the Special 6 sounds pretty scooped, like a Fender kinda sound with a bit of the Vox top end. Then again, it's youtube vids, so the sound is not the best presentation. The G12T75 is a very scooped speaker, so the mids might suffer, I suspect.
The speakers are from a 2x12 Marshall Cab.

@lazy3ed: Correct, they sound like a Fender Blackface-type amps. However, the boost channel sounds something closer to a tweed amp. Gonna get Seekz to mod it such that the boost channel vol is separate from the normal channel, not as a pull boost.
The VHT is a six watt amp if I'm correct and you are asking for bass response? Power equals bass, that's why bass amps are more powerful than guitar amps. I wouldn't be expecting any serious bass until the amp had hit at least 30 watts, so a speaker change would be a marginal improvement at best.

I have an old Marshall 30 watt amp running a transistor preamp into a pair of EL34's and using a Celestion Vintage 30 which is supposed to be rated at 50 watts and that hasn't got a fantastic bass response either! If you want a good bottom end, I'd be looking at a more powerful amp.