Tried this on your snare?


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Hey guys!

Just a couple of questions regarding drumheads.

Are there any difference in snare batter heads and tom heads? For example the Evans G1 coated tom heads and the G1 coated snare heads. Kinda confused cause from the Evans website itself, the only difference is that the sustain for the tom head slightly is longer.

Also, just recently, i tried replacing my snare head with a standard 1 ply clear head just for the sake of exploring. I know a 1 ply head is much thicker as compared to a snare head but after some tuning, i realised the snare wires are not as responsive as using a snare head but i personally really like the sound. Quite similar to the snare used in this song which most probably is heavily EQ-ed:

Correct me if im wrong! Is there anything wrong with having a standard 1-ply head from my snares (whether it would damage anything etc)?

Hope someone would enlighten me!
Thank you!
Hi namrehs, when u said snare head, do u mean the normal hazy head that is 3 mils thick? those heads are not meant to be used as batter head as there are very thin, it would break very easily, from what i have diy with my snares, the thinner the head, the brighter the sound, correct me if i am wrong :)
hey edrummer!

thanks for the response! haha. im talking about the resonant head! was just wondering, must the reso head be always a snare reso head or can it also be a standard 1-ply head? because i feel the 3 mils thick snare heads are making the snares a little too responsive and it's really bright sounding. from what i know, i think evan produces the thickest snare head, the glass 500, which is 5 mils? im not sure if ranking carries it though.
As for the snare hazy, the glass 500 sounds quite dark due to its thickness, and usually from what i always do, instead of changing the snare bottom head to get a darker sound, u can try the evans genera hd dry, this drum head is superb, i have used it on one of my mapex snare, it has a built in muffling ring on the underneath of the drum head, and air vents as well, if i am not wrong , ranking is selling it at $20, cheers :)
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I've tried the hd dry heard before. What im trying to achieve is a really warm and fat tone without too much snare response, therefore i thought of changing the snare reso head. Im not talking about the reso heads for the toms! Talking about the reso head for the snare. What i did was instead of using a standard snare reso head for my snare, i used a 1 ply standard head instead. Im asking if it's okay to actually do that! Whether it would damage the drum or the snare wires etc.
I am sorry! i shld have read it clearly, ok, i have tried ur idea before, the reason why hazy heads are thin is because, they are meant to be thin to get more sensitivity to or from the snare wires, so if u were to put a traditional resonant head for the tom tom, i am afraid it might choked the sound, that was what happened to my mapex snare, hope it helps you, and sorry for ur trouble replying!