South East Asia Luthier

Yeah i know. What i meant was if anyone knows of any asian luthier who does similar builds like this? (Can the south east asia thing)

Hope the point gets across. Feeling damn stoned right now..
ESP custom shop. Hur. On a more serious note, I believe someone posted about the guitar he had built in the Philippines. Looked like a Tyler. IIRC.
Just curious. Anyone know of any luthiers/independent builder based in South East Asia and does stuff like this?

Looks very nice.

The company is called Rinton Music, based in Bangkok. They made Atlas guitars (usually loose imitations of famous/boutique brands like Gibson, PRS, Suhr, Huber, etc.) and other custom guitars on customer's request. Their guitars are usually very well made, coming close or on par with the US made ones. They often use higher-end Wilkinson/Gotoh and Schaller hardwares. The selected woods are good and pretty resonant, but often on the heavier side.

Another well-known Bangkok based guitar maker is called NNG. It's pretty much similar to Rinton, workmanship, quality, prices and all.

I'm sure most Atlas and NNG guitar owners will agree that once you switch the stock pickups and electronics to really good ones (eg. Bareknuckles, Lollars, WCR, etc), you will have one hell of a fine instrument for under 2K.

FYI....G77's earlier POT guitars were made by Rinton and NNG. But G77 priced them very high back then, where you could buy them directly from Rinton/NNG at much cheaper price. They still have a few leftover stock, but I don't how much they are charging now. The newer and cheaper POTs could be made in China.