So.. Any O level grad interested to study music??


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Hi all..

Recently got back my O level results.. L1R4 16... haha lol.
Anyway , I am kinda interested in studying music , in either Lasalle or NAFA , so I was wondering , any O level grad out there also having the same interest?? Cuz I realize not everyone has this interest lol .. haha.

And any ex/current students studying in either school? Any info about their courses? I'm more keen towards classical music..
I believe nafa would be a better choice if you're into classical, anyway i believe you need to go for auditions and have at least a grade 5 abrsm backing anyway you can check out their webpage the entry requirements are there
Yep I checked their requirements , Grade 8 practical and grade 5 theory.
Well I met them all , (Piano) , though I'm not too sure about the audition. Anyone been through it before , can share their experiences?
Because NAFA doesn't have courses for Electric guitar, Jazz Studies.
And also NAFA Dosen't take care of their walls damn so dirty...
Hey mate, im just not happy with the school not the students...
well there's one student hahhahaha... last year went NAFA for open house in the exhibit idk cannot touch so i touch something then she was like "eh eh eh, dont touch dont touch" with a sulky face...
I see... Well I'm actually not too sure which one I should go to. Maybe I should audition both. ^^
But anyone know , if I'm applying for poly too , by the time I get my audition reply , would it be 'too late' to get into poly? Cuz to be honest I'm not very sure if music is really the thing I want.
@skyflux: Imo, if you're not 100% sure if music is what you want then you might wanna reconsider apply for it... Um if i recall correctly, last year's auditions were between March and April. You'll find out if you made it in about 2 or 3 weeks after your audition date. I'm not in the classical stream so i'm not too sure of what they do. But they have choir, accompanist (For theatre students), recitals, music theory and aural.

Just go for the open house today and tomorrow. It's free if you sign up during the open house anyways. So no harm trying. Sure, you can apply for both but ultimately, you still have to choose : ) Plus, my classmates and i will be performing. Hehehe. *Shameless promotion*
Yup I just came back from NAFA and Lasalle open house. (I went to both).
The teachers at NAFA told me the audition for Piano Performance is gonna be tough.. real competitive. Lol I don't know if I can do that or not. They seem pretty strict looking too lol.

Lasalle seems to be more oriented towards pop and jazz?? That was what the teachers there said too. I went inside and saw a band performing liao.. Guitars drums and stuff o_0.