Samson G-Track USB Condensor Microphone AND Audio Interface


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Hey all,
Trying to find out where I can get this wonderful usb mic in Singapore besides from Swee Lee.

Supposedly an inexpensive and convenient alternative to mic + audio interface set-up according to the Interwebs, but yet I see the listed price on Swee Lee's website is $493.56... Anyone knows what's the local price range(and where to get) of this baby?

Because if it's around Swee Lee's price as well, I think I'm better off getting like an M-Audio Fast Track and an XLR mic.
haha ok i give up blueprint. hope you don't find me too stubborn. trying to get an as-cheap-as-possible solution i can find :p
You want a cheaper alternative = zoom h1 stand alone recorder then use sd card import into pc.

Or zoom h2 ($270+) then directly record into daw using USB (bus powered)
Or zoom h2 ($270+) then directly record into daw using USB (bus powered)

actually meant to ask about this some time back, but forgot about it I think.

when using the h2 as a usb mic, is there latency during monitoring over the PC? or will i do direct monitoring from the h2's headphone jack?

also, when it comes to monitoring from an interface's headphone jack, do you still hear what your PC plays(eg. previous tracks you've recorded when doing overdubs), or do you only hear what the interface hears - like if you plug a guitar, you only hear what you play on your guitar?
Latency will be according to the asio settings and your computer specs. The zoom h2 asio drivers are done by a company called centrance and was hyped a few years back for their drivers I think.

To hear what your daw plays = software monitoring

To hear what your audio interface hears = direct monitoring

So to hear both software and direct on the h2, you would use it as an audio interface + enable mic direct monitoring on the h2 itself
ok cheers blueprint, i'll take the h2 into serious consideration for my recording purposes. it seems alot cheaper compared to a fast track+at2020 combo. the added portability and use for jam sessions sounds great too.
i'll try doing more research on how well guitars work with the h2 first though, cos if i remember right, there's no pre-amp for line-ins. guitar direct to it, might be too soft, as i've found from lining it directly to my pc :|
I wouldn't get the H2 because I want upgradability to stereo inputs (if getting something like presonus audiobox) / lineinputs etc. but if you said use for jam sessions then H2 is your choice for your budget.

you can still line in but it might be either super noisy or some urban legend about screwing it up cos of impedance problems bla bla. at your own risk. as I'm sure you've read$50.html
I just line that in into my onboard soundcard input and strum away. then processed with a guitar plugin.
for any particular strange reasons the person recording likes a combination of direct monitoring and latency-ied software monitoring, you would have to make the performer comfortable. of course I would prefer software monitoring cos I run the compressors/reverbs/etc on the vocal tracks.