New AXE-FX II released from Fractal Audio Systems


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New AXE-FX II released


haha yea! US$2200 minus shipping though. acuiring this and a pair of QSC k12's will seriously end all efects gas for a couple of years.

anybody selling their ultras or standards?? ^^
anyway I saw what carboxymoron posted (deleted), please refer to international dealer price w/ shipping and tax before you conclude anything.
yea i saw a few on sale on ebay. they're averaging around US$1700 to $1800 with $100 to $150 shipping.

that's about SG$2220 to $2400 before gst
Still waiting for clips, USB feature is definitely a great move from Cliff! I will freaking trade my kidney for this :p

Apparently some guy was selling a couple of AxeFX Ultras for $3.6k on soft sometime back.