Need a little help on pickups.


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Need some advice on pickups. Which pickups would you guys recommend?

Telsa Plasma Pickups, EMG Pickups or Alnico Pro 2 Pickups?

Tesla are great value for money, but they are not the best though, it's tonal range isn't very wide i feel. EMGs are great for metal and rock but not ideal for other genres and Alnicos are great for warm bright tone which are great for blues and maybe country. But mind you the prices aren't exactly cheap.
bro, your query has no boundaries for us to work with. it's like asking, hey, which weapon should i use to kill- knife, gun or cannon- when we don't know what you are killing.
tell us more about:

1) what style(s) of music you usually play
2) what guitar are you using
3) what kind of tone are you seeking
4) what is lacking in your current pickups
5) what is your current set up

The answering the 5 points stated above would definitely help you yield better results.