M5 signal chain?


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Hey guys, i'm really digging the idea of the M5 from Line 6 so the only question I have is for the position of the M5.

If I use it primarily for mod effects, lets say i switch it from mods, to lets say drive or compression. Would it mess with the guitar signal if it's at the end or beginning? And if it's at the beginning, and i use it as a mod effect will it mess up the sound? And if I can use it as a tuner, would i have to put it infront but if i put it at the back, would that be a prob?
What do you mean mess up the sound? It will definitely sound different having drive before mod or mod before drive. There are people who strictly follow one order and there are people who mix it up. Just try it, you might like it. If you want more versatility with the M5, get an effects order switcher http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=82090.0 Like a looper, but switches the order of the two loops in series.

There is no problem having a tuner at the end, but you would probably have to turn off any effects in between the guitar and the tuner (especially mods and distortions) to get an accurate reading. Some compression or light overdrive probably won't affect the accuracy, but it depends on the tuner of course.
Most certainly where in your chain you place it in relation to other stompboxes will go towards shaping your sound.

Maybe tell us what chain you have in mind if you were using the M5?
Well, I was thinking when I get the m5, i'll sell my Behringer Tuner and put it at the front seeing as it can be used as a tuner, but i'll use it mostly as a delay or a mod effect. Sometimes even a drive.
I prefer most mods and delays/ verb to be after dirt, compression, wahs etc so I would place it near the end of the chain if its gona be used as a delay/ mod most often.. Not a fan of dirt after delay especially, you can experiment with its position tho. Theres no right or wrong.
So i'm guessing i'll have to stick to my pedal, thought i'd be space conscious and sell my tuner and use the M5 multi-purpose pedal, thanks guys :)
^ Yeah I agree. Sell the tuner, its just a matter of turning off pedals that might screw up the accuracy of the tuner, dirt pedals should be fine. Plus it helps to mute the white noise from your dirt if you use high gain pedals. If you place it nearer to the end you still can use compression and dirt, its just a matter of whether you like that configuration or not.
Hmm, if I were you I'd place it at the end of the chain, or somewhere closer to the end. As wck mentioned, delays, mods etc are usually placed after dirts, so you might want to consider that. And if you are using the drive on the M5 as a rhythm tone/base drive tone, you can stack it with your other drives in front of it to get a gain boost, or use it as a volume boost by simply using the drives infront as your base tone.
Cause I run through a Vox v847a to a VS Jekyll and Hyde, to a Dan.E Cool Cat Drive, to a pedaltank Time Capsule. Guess i'll put it after the coolcate maybe?
So you're using your cool drive as a vol boost? If so you might wanna put it after the JnH, before the cool cat drive.
I actually use it for alot of things, but mainly its my boost, but wouldn't it be better if i put it after the CC Drive incase if i wanna use it as a drive unit :)