LF vocalist looking to collab on originals (mandopop)

Hello! Your voice is amazing. :) I do write originals as well but my mandarin is a little lacking. I can only sing Mandopop in karaoke haha.

Anyways my songs are mostly posted on my IG: vondotcom . Let me know if you are interested in collaborating. :)

Im a song writer and writes songs as a hobby. Am looking for new ppl to collab!

HMU if youre keen in mandopop.

Here are my works.

Comments are welcomed too!
Hi, came across your post and I'm quite keen to collab with you for mandopop originals. Your works are very nice! I do sing in Tiktok, maybe you can view my profile @jorineteo. I sings mostly mandopop. Thanks
Hello! Yes I’ve watched your videos on TikTok it’s really great. :) are you on Instagram? Maybe we can communicate through that? :)
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Hi Ahjon,

I'm a violinist with over 10 years of experience learning and performing on the violin. I'd love to be part of the band and even involved in a song writing process if it fits. I can do violin improv and also read scores. Would be stoked to collab @mouldyfries on telegram!