Lead/Rhythm Guitarist + Vocalist Looking For a Hardcore/Metalcore/Rock Band


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Sup ;)
I'm Iskk, 22m looking for a hardcore/metalcore/rock/post hardcore (or w/e in that same genre) band.
I'm a guitarist. Could play as a rhythm or a lead. Doesnt matter.
I've been making covers of some songs and turned them into a instrumental song.
So if you guys wanna hear them here's the link :

My friend 'Sal', a vocalist, 23m is also looking for a band.
So if there are any bands that are looking for a hardcore/metalcore/rock rhythm or a lead guitarist + a vocalist, pm me or post a reply thanks.

bro my name is aqil im looking for lead guitarist ahha my number is 81222782 text me man we go jamming next week
Hi, I'm a drummer looking for musicians to form a band... I like to experience to play with the band..:) \m/
This is my no. 8511 5828... If u guys dnt mind do text me.. Cheers!