Intro: yurigiri


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Hi, I'm new and I love music. My dad teaches me guitar. So i know a bit of it(currently I'm in a rhythm guitar state). I picked up piano/keyboard on my own.

I can't really say I can sing well. Because I was in a choir in Pri 2 and my entire sec school. So my voice is so used to classical/choir-ish singing. (I would like to sing pop/rock style badly...)
I used to play in a brass band in my primary school too,

I'm a 21 years old female who jam with her dad and his friends. I know a little 60s, more on 70s and a bit of 80s.(The Beatles, Rolling stones, jazz, blues)

I'm helping my dad's group to find a part time drummer right now, to jam with us.

I love Nightwish, Evanescence, Muse, Mika, and other modern pop songs too.:)

hi! its rare to see a female guitarist nowadays, and i just thought id likie to say welcome on behalf of all of us... im looking for a female vox for my band, its right nw only me and another guitarist.. so if you're interested maybe can pm me? we paly more on pop rock influence....

other than that, good luck on your future music endevours!:)

ensigned- dth_disciple