How do I preserve strings' Twangy-ness' (like-new sound)

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I like to display my 69 RI Fender Mustang openly in my room, with the air-con at 23ºC about over 50% of the day, Is this a bad thing to do?

I also clean the strings regularly with the Gibson guitar care string cleaner liquid, which I think is made up of Alcohol and Vinegar, from its smell.

But, the strings sounds dead so quickly even after I changed the strings like 2 weeks ago, with Fender Bullet light gauges.


I read about Elixir strings and how they said their strings have 3-5 times more life than other string brands because of their Nanoweb and polyweb coating, but I'm not hoping they would be so cheap, but I'm considering it

So how do I keep my strings sound bright and twangy?
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You can try Elixirs, they might have that twang for longer. 2 weeks is normal for strings to get abit duller already depending on how often you play. Btw, I find that if you keep the guitar in an air conditioned room and then exposing it to higher temps by bringing it out or turning the air con off there will be condensation and the strings will rust/ get dull more easily.
Hah.. yea i usually play my new strings until i wear them out and try to keep them for as long as I can. They feel more "round" sounding and more stable somehow. Personal preference I guess?
If you guys like the feel and sound of seasoned/broken in strings, try pure nickel strings (not nickel wound). Like Pyramid or DR Pure Blues. These strings sound broken in from the start and they don't die like nickel wound strings. Plus, they feel better and are a bit easier on the fingers because they have slightly less tension. I use pure nickles on both my lp and strat.
I dunno whether it's normal but when my guitar strings get old and i play on the higher frets i somehow can hear overtones of the sound. not the nice kind. the kind that makes your tone super eerie and disgusting. So if you find out how to maintain the "stability" of the strings please do tell
ernie ball regular slinkies on my RG1527, on the bridge pickup which is a crunchlab, this "overtone" thing is super obvious. heh
Elixirs are the bomb! I used to be "I ONLY Use DR Pure Blues Nothing Else" kinda guy till I tried Elixirs. Well I still prefer the DR tone in the first week, before it starts to dull. But Elixirs take very very long to dull. It just jangles and jangles like a new strings.
Any fan of GHS boomers? Tried them last year after sending my CU24 in for servicing at TYMC, then the guys suggested I try it out. Very cheap. Haven't seen them turn gross with rust (I had the last set on for over 6months). Very comfortable on the fingers.. so on and so forth.

But yes... Elixirs are something else.. the price tag, is a bit of turn off though. lol
I'm currently trying out a set of GHS Coated Boomers. Picked them up at SV for barely more than non-coated strings.

They don't feel as good as Elixirs, but I think they are the right balance for everyday use as many people are not willing to plonk down the money for Elixirs despite hearing about its benefits. Might switch to GHS Coated Boomers for normal practice use.