high pitched noise from my fx..


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So I just started out building a pedalboard and have 4 pedals currently on there.

So I bought a godlyke PSU (2000mA) cos i read real good stuff about those and in Singapore, our power sources are usually clean enough.
So I connected the pedals at rehearsal and i hear this high pitched sound coming from the speakers (our church only does direct in).

My friend who's experienced said the PSU could be too high amperage.. he passed me one that i think was closer to 800-1000mA and the high sound stopped.

Could someone explain what's happening? Does that mean I bought the godlyke in vain?

Ok i tried process of elimination.. seems like the noise comes when i connect either the Boss CE-2 or a keeley TS9dx.
on the keeley it's abit more noticeable.. and the pitch changes when i activate/deactivate the switch. When I took those 2 out and just the polytune to my delay pedal the sound was clean.

Patch cables work too..

what should be my next step be?

I also forgot to mention that when he used my godlyke it too worked fine with no squeal.
i've used the godlyke too. i've got the same problem too. it's the fault of the godlyke. it cant be used with some time-based effect.
the same high pitched noise came when i connected it to my digitech delay and/or my fab chorus.

it's a weird problem. perhaps some experienced softies can explain? if talking about high amperage, i've used a 1700mA carl martin power supply with no probs till it melted. lol

get something else. traded the godlyke with my friend's $25 biyang power supply for good.
mmm isn't a chorus pedal a modulation effect though?

actually all the pedals on the chain prob total only 500+ mA so maybe 2000 is overkill hmmm...

biyang no problem eh.. from sv guitars?
I too was suckered into getting the Goodlyke 2000mA. And I had this same problem, high pitch whining sound thru the amps. I traced it down to my EHX Memory Man which was drawing too much amps when it was turned on. I don't think there's a problem with the PS, i think something in your chain is sucking too much power. What are your 4 pedals might I ask? And what is your chain sequence?
I'm using the cheap Behringer PSU power supply and i have a SLIGHT annoying hum, but thats it. But I don't see why the Godlyke should have problems, its much much MUCH more expensive than normal adapters
mmm ok first one is the polytune- 45mA > TS9dx keeley mod-8 mA > Boss Ce-2- 9mA > Muza FD900 delay/reverb pedal- 300mA. That's a total of less than 400mA.. so how would it be too much for the Godlyke?

mmm ok first one is the polytune- 45mA > TS9dx keeley mod-8 mA > Boss Ce-2- 9mA > Muza FD900 delay/reverb pedal- 300mA. That's a total of less than 400mA.. so how would it be too much for the Godlyke?

it aint just the current drawn amount. Some pedals dont like a shared power supply, godlyke is no different with those onespot or similar style adaptor. Another reason why some pay more to get a PSU with isolated output where each power supply path to the pedal is as an individual source instead of sharing source.

with those power sharing adaptor, mixing of center negative powered pedal with reverse polarity pedals might add on to the high pitch whinning noise as well.
mm all the pedals i see are center negative.. no mixed polarity among the pedals..

so why did it work with my friend's cheapo adapter haha

what would my next step be? maybe swap with him cos I don't wanna spend so much on a dedicated PSU when my setup's so simple.. and limited space on the PT mini
haha, get the cheaper adaptor i guess, keep the godlyke as backup instead. Any time when the cheapo one give way, then the godlyke can stand in first before getting new adaptor.
of course.. that day when I used my friend's cheaper one.. i hadn't used the digital delay pedal.. don't think it's an issue though since that's not the cause of the noise..
man.. learnt a lesson about "up there" products... may not be the most suitable.
hey guys,

where can I get a power adapter around Singapore?

Would places like SIM LIM be useful? maybe something like 1A to try..