Good Beginner's Electric guitar


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Im buyign my first electric guitar and i'm a beginner and my choice was the epiphone les paul special 2 gt has it has the whammy and kill switch.I heard that its price was 320$ in singapore but when i asked sweelee they said that it was 420$ shouldn't it be less or am i wrong?
I have a number of questions

1)How is the LP2 gt in reliability and does it detune because of the whammy?
2)Will i get the cable to connect to the amp with the guitar?
3)Will i get the aux in cable with the amp.I'm buying the line 6 spider 4 15r?
Plus if there is any other good guitar in the range of 320$ which has a whammy then please recommend it
Since you're going to buy the Line 6 Spider, I suggest you head to City Music and ask them for their guitar packages. Good for beginners, plays well, light on wallet and value for money. Gets you everything you need - guitar, amp, cables, bag, picks, etc.
Go 2nd hand. The deals are always better. Just make sure the guitar is in full working order (check the set up and electronics). It's best to go to youtube to watch more videos and read up on more reviews.

you should walk around peninsular basement and try the guitars that are within your budget.
...check out the LTDs at davis.

+1 to LTDs. the following models are highly recommended:



however, the Smash S2 is definitely a value-for-money consideration
1)How is the LP2 gt in reliability and does it detune because of the whammy?

tuning goes off even with guitars without a whammy bridge; it's about making sure we address the matters affecting tuning eg: nut slot lubrication, tuner maintenance, etc...