FS: Fender American H1 Precision Bass


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FS: Fender American H1 Precision Bass 6mth old, 1.2k

Selling off my 6month old made in America Highway One Precision bass.

Got it first hand from factory in the US through BGW. Set it up there as well. Condition is almost pristine, the plastic sheet protecting the pickguard is still intact. Playability wise, also as good as new. Selling it off because I don't play it anymore.

Don't be fooled by the Highway One tag, it plays just as well as a standard Precision bass, just the finishing on the body is different. If you want confirmation that it plays up to the standard of a American Standard Pbass you can check talkbass and fender forums, nothing but good reviews.

Specs here, colour is sunburst.

Selling for 1.2k with fender softcase.
SMS me at 96153271 to deal.
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