Fret buzzing problem

Puddle Smasher

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Ok i have an ibanez xpt with the edge III tremolo system
Fret buzz on E,A,D strings, first 4 to 5 frets

do i just use a truss rod and um..turn the thingy (don't know how to call it)
or do i have to remove the locking nut things first?

any suggestions? sorry i suck at this guitar fixing shit =(
loosen the truss rod by turning it anti clockwise [with ur eyes facing the rod]. turn 1/8th turn a time, leave it for 5-10 minutes, check if it still buzzes. if yes, repeat.
oh..leave cause must let it stabilise or some shit right
thanks alot man btw

so i don't need to remove the locking nut for the edge III right?..ok thanks for the quick reply really appreciated=)
unlock the nut. truss rod adjustments would mean neck movements & this would affect tuning.

however, we need to know more about this buzzing because a truss rod tweak might not be the solution here.
my reply is just a very brief explanation on getting rid of buzzes on the lower part of the neck [nearer to headstock]. for more technical information of course google is the best.

anyway fixing guitar isn't shit. it's quite fun to do provided u know what to do and do it in moderation especially while turning the truss rod. just like cutting vegetables. cutting too fast and u might end up cutting urself.
um.. isn't there only one kind of fret buzzing? it just um..buzzes.. the note still rings it isn't a dead note or something but it's like..yeah buzzing..annoying kind of buzz esp at 3rd fret A..ok thanks so much for the advice and links guys.. ill try it out =)
there are a few types of causes for fret buzzing. for your case it's most likely due to an overtightened truss rod. turning it anti clockwise should do the trick but of course, turn slightly and observe. do it slowly and carefully.

in some cases, it might be due to the popping up of the frets. if so, you might have to send to a shop to do some fret levelling.

is your action high or low?

it's hard to assess the situation because we can't see the physical guitar. we can only give you suggestions based on assumptions.
i think MAYBY its your trem bridge anchor (the 2 big both that holds your bridge to the guitar body) is not adjusted high enough at the low E string side. I dun think its the neck's problem (unless its twisted). If neck got problem, the higher strings will have buzz too. Best is to bring to an experienced guitar tech (need some diligence to find one that wont cost an arm or leg though). Do not try anything if you do not have experience in messing and destroying your guitar setup before.