female vocalist looking for band


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I’m a female vocalist in my mid-late 20s :’) I’ve done wedding gigs and performed with a few years back before work got busy. I’ve since been able to better balance my time, am looking to find a casual band to jam and gig with :) open to duo/trio band too

Genre includes in r&b, soul, bossa nova, pop, mandopop, funk, alternative/indie but I’m open to explore something that works for all (as long as it’s not screamo..)

I do have preference singing a slight tad lower than female notes and have been told that I hold hints of Jazz in my voice, but if it helps to learn my vocal range, I warm up with Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” and Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing” (may or may not be a joke)

If you’re looking for a female vocalist do share details and deeds on how I could reach out :)
Hi My name it Royal, I am looking for bandmates to join my girl group! I'm 20 and the other member is 19. I'm not sure if that is a bit young for you. If so that is okay, however if you are interested. we are inspired off of groups like fifth harmony, Blackpink, Fifth harmony and Boysword. We are going for a girl crush concept.