distortion pedals

shall not blast u for not helping us help u since u're prob new on soft. but we 1st needa know a few things:
- what guitar are u using?
- what amp are u using?
- what music do u listen to? (i'm assuming its jrock but just to be sure)
- whose sound are u trying to replicate or at least get close to?
em... there is a beginner distortion & pro distortion? IMO there's only distortion, regardless of you are a beginner or otherwise, the onus is on you to learn.
precisely. i don't see how some pedals are for beginner and how others are for..pro?

maybe its how complicated the pedal? the number of knobs? the price?

TS, show us a link of a video of some band ure trying to "replicate" the sound.
no geetar pedals in the market are marketed as beginners or pro product. Most of the time, its the lacking of knowledge of those seeking, that differentiate it as such.

Its an easy way and prolly the only way at that stage to make things either black or white, simplified and easily digested.

Unfortunately, there is still no definition of beginner or pro distortion as theres no such thing to begin with.
people also say 'this pedal is difficult to use' without really knowing what they mean by that. owing to this claim, friends would think that there is a need for some acquired knowledge before putting that pedal to use. regardless of your playing background, check out as many pedals as possible within your means.
Classification is by price, perhaps? I think the Crunch Box and the Tube Zone are a bit too pricey for most beginners though.

For heavy distortion tones, or slightly heavier crunch tones, the Beta Aivin HM-200 is hard to beat in its price range. Superb value for money, but don't stomp too hard as the footswitch isn't very strong. Step, don't stomp! I haven't tried Modtone pedals but they've been getting very good reviews around so perhaps you could check out Modtone pedals too.
hmm $50-200 beginers
$200.01 to $300 intermediate
$300.01 to $500 pro
$500.01 and above God like!!
Even though the cost is an easy way and prolly brainless way to classify pedal, imho, it is not a good choice and never shall be. Lotsa folks in forums can talk about pro gear, but seriously, the recording and music which are done, doesnt reflect the "pro" status of the gear, if really to link prices to status of gear.
I haven't tried Modtone pedals but they've been getting very good reviews around so perhaps you could check out Modtone pedals too.

modtone are literally stompboxes...i stomp on them, not step lol. and so far, which isnt really long actually, it hasnt given me any problems, maybe except me not stomping hard enough for me to turn it on(and luckily it was during a sound check)
I own a Blackstar Ht dist and i can say im pretty happy with it up till now :) better still it's literally build like a tank
what if the beginner is bill gates, and the godlike is...err...me?

that turns the cost to pro level upside down.

i'd say a beginner distortion pedal is one where he can learn from. like say, multi effects.