DI Box


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Hi guys, helping my music teacher source out for a DI box and need your recommendations! It's going to be used mainly in school events, for electric and acoustic guitar, and piano/keys. Price won't really be a problem, so suggest away!
You'll probably want a passive one for school to minimise hassle and it'll have to be rugged to withstand all sorts of abuse from people who don't care about school gear, haha.

The Radial JDI is a good candidate. Slightly pricey but has some useful features: one -15dB pad, one -30dB pad with speaker emulation (useful for guitars), a throughput that can be converted to a second input (use the throughput to DI guitar and throughput to amp, or use 2 inputs for let's say stereo keyboard), polarity switch and ground lift switch.

The Palmer PDI-09 is also great, but I've only used it with guitars. It has a 3-way tone switch to simulate different speakers. Shouldn't be a problem with keys if you can EQ on your end.

If you need a few units, a much much cheaper option is the Behringer Ultra DI 100. It's actually quite decent. Just ensure you can supply phantom power to all your units or the batteries will be a hassle.