Buzzing from Vox mini3


New member
Hi, I have a vox mini3 that works great. but when i connected my pedals, there is a pretty loud buzzing sound. My guess is because the amp isn't grounded, the amp comes with a 2-pin plug instead of 3-pin.

Is there anyway to cancel out the buzz? can the plug be converted into 3-pin? Is it that all battery-powered/ 2-pin plug amps cannot work with pedals?

Well...why not u just try to ground ur amp first? Follow the instructions at the top of the main gear forum page...its somewhere there. After u done with the grounding, u try connecting ur pedals! Good luck:D
the problem was solved by using batteries on the pedals instead of power adaptors. but my 2-pin is not the usa-type where it has a grounding cable. my 2-pin is the local type which has no grounding cable to start with. my guess there is no way to ground that amp?
Maybe you could find an adapter that has the exact same specs with the grounding cable? I'm sure you can get similar ones at Sim Lim or something.