Buying an amp


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i'm buying an amp and i narrowed down to line 6 spider 4 15w and nux mighty 8.How are these two in comparison.I like the nux one as its portable but i'm not sure about the sound quality and distortion is it comparable with the spider 4 15w?
never tried the mighty 8 b4, but I use the NuX mighty 15, really good for small amps better then line 6 and vox in my opinion, actually win ibanez toneblaster 15watt, and also laney amp , really good amp for a small amp.
I prefer the Nux mighty 8.. I m not so much of a fan for line6 amps. Not cos they are lousy but i just don't like them as much.
Perhaps you can consider MK Tone in SV guitars too.. Mike's own designed amp. =)