Bought a Maestro ED-3 @ Zen Guitarwerkz


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Hi just bought a B-stock Maestro ED-3 in Zen Guitarwerks. So if you see any flaws on it, please pardon it:D









Because of B Stock, I'm not surprise to see flaws like this

Bubbles in the gloss finish. How much on average will it cost me to fix this to close-to-perfect headstock?

Also is it possible to ignore this? Because the guitar playing is fine, just that I do not like this appearance.
so why did you buy something you know was a b-stock,
and then complain about the appearance?
Of course it's possible to ignore this, it's just cosmetics.
Anyhow, you like how it sounds.
Yes somehow. I'm not really complaining, just finding some solutions for this. Anyhow, thanks a lot for your reply; really appreciate it! :D
I'm not exactly sure what are you talking about. But I bought it for $399 after discount from $899 as stated at the price tag. The friendly guy told me that this guitar is produced in 2009 and they have change factory after that, that's why they are selling cheap (maybe doesn't meet their QC standard). Also this is a B-Stock. Why? Tell me what you know!!

Anyhow, thanks for replying, really appreciate it!!
Well, the only flaws I saw is the bubbles on the headstock. Btw is it possible to mend this? Anyhow, no scratches on body. And guys, could I know what does b-stock really meant? Is it just because this guitar doesn't pass Maestro's QC? thanks all for your time!!
usually all the products that are available for sale should have had passed qc at the factory. i'm guessing it's more of damage due to improper storage or handling after it's shipped out of the factory.
well let's hope so. Because it's still a playable guitar man. I wouldn't know it's a b-stock if the price tag did not mentioned it haha. Anyway, is it possible to mend the bubble?
After a while, you'll forget the bubble even existed. I'd leave it alone and just play it, actually. But if you really want to remove the bubble, just ask any guitar shop and see if they can do it. The cost to remove those flaws might not be worth it. Besides, those little cosmetic issues gives your guitar its character. I've bought guitars BECAUSE of its cosmetic flaws, because its unique to me.

Good luck!
OH YEAH YOU MADE ME LOVE MY GUITAR MORE. Anyway, you have bought guitars because of its cosmetic flaws -which means you've bought it after massive discount right?
OH YEAH YOU MADE ME LOVE MY GUITAR MORE. Anyway, you have bought guitars because of its cosmetic flaws -which means you've bought it after massive discount right?

Some got discounts, a few got massive discounts but some I chose simply because of a nick here, or a ding there. I got this weird-ass mental thing where I find little quirks of an item adding flavour to the product, guitars or otherwise. The only exception is new cars! Must be flawless, smooth as baby's bum. Hehe!
Lol... welcome Santana, the most usefull person in this forum :D.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about the bubble. Just play only lah :p besides you got it at a pretty big discount so you should be happy :)