Belden 83337 (obsolete )


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Today I bought this cable in SLM LHS (3rd story).
It is Belden 83337.
Thou obsolete but a bit more left in LHS.
This cable cost about $18 per meter w/o gst.
It is bery for expensive for pro audio, I guess.
But it is one of good silver-coated copper 3 core cable competitor.
It got 90% shield and max 11 amp.
21 ohm/km.
Good for sign and power supply(consumer ones).
Becos 90% shields, it might not be good for mics.
Anyway, this cable is more rigid than your mic/instrument/patch cable.
Use it when you have fixed wiring and not much bending.

I have bought the same cable much later, and like it lot.
Most importantly, it is silver-coated copper.
Generally, it is got more high and your system will not sound "sluggish".
But a bad design of this type will sound harsh.
One thing about silver-coat copper is that even silver oxidised, it is still a conductor.
While 100% OFC, not matter no good, once cut and terminated.
The 100% is gone.

There is the spec(if you really care):

Update wire is with an E in the end.
Belden 83337 close up (sorry very blur)


Siltech SQ-XX(sorry, forget the number but cost 5 to 10 time the Belden 83337)
Silver-gold quad core, teflon insulation, double shielding.


This siltech been replaced so it is too short for my use. It was used for my monitor.



The shiny pair is for my monitor while rusty pair for my keyboard.
Both are Belden 83337.

Initial run of these cable to monitor.
My high a bit harsh.
Mid a bit weak.
Bass a bit boost.
I like the bass thou.
Give a few week of run-in, the harshness normally will trim down.