Beginner drummer looking to form a band


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I'm a beginner drummer that is looking to form a beginner band and grow together. Experienced are welcome too if you don't mind jamming with beginners.

I listen to a wide variety of genre and songs of different languages so I'm quite flexible in terms of music.

Looking for:
Rhythm guitarist
Lead guitarist
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I'm a beginner guitarist. Haven't played in a very long time and now getting back into it. Keen to link up and explore. I'm not young though :)
Hi! I'm an acoustic/electric guitarist and vocalist. I'm looking for experience to play in a band. Let me know what is the best way that I can reach out to you, thank you!
guitarist here as well. feel free to link up
mobile nine-seven-9-1-nine-9-one-8 or Telegram @benkzk
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hi! im a relatively new guitarist(been playing for 6-7 months) and keen to lf people to jam with! hmu on tele @mervrnn
Hi! im not sure if you still looking for band. But im a beginner guitarist and still currently taking lessons! if possible text me on tele (crqztal) :))