20M looking for other musicians to jam with


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Ive been playing guitar for a few years and im interested in jamming with other musicians. into bands and artists like arctic monkeys, radiohead, jimi hendrix, the strokes, the smashing pumpkins but im down to play other genres too. just looking to improve on my skills :D
hi i’m a female vocalist :) i really like yr music genre and i’ve sang for some bands before too! if u are still looking do get back to me! i’m really interested :)
Hi there, I'm keen to explore. I'm a 40 year old guitarist. Not much experience playing in a band but have always wanted to play regularly (once every 1 - 2 weeks) with a band instead of just jamming on my own at home. Have done one sets in Hard Rock Cafe end of last year with my company band, we played the following and I was on lead guitar. It was so fun and amazing that I really miss playing in a band!

- Yellow-COldplay
- It's my Life & You give Love a Bad Name- Bonjovi
- Whats Up - 4 non blondes
- Zombie & Dreams- Cranberries
- Sweet Child of Mine - G&R

Let me know if I fit the bill and would like to get in touch to jam.

Email: s3an.paul.sp@gmail.com