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Thread: World Music Band

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    World Music Band

    Hi there,

    After almost a year of reflecting, I think I would want to put my energy and time into forming a world-music band.

    Right now, we have two percussionists. So that's settled. We now need one or two more musicians. Probably:
    - a guitarist (keyboardist can play chords while guitarist plays melody)
    - a violinist (same as above)
    - a bassist (keyboardist can play melody too)
    - saxaphonist (keyboardist can play chords here as well)
    - other instrument players are welcome

    A few things:
    - Are you comfortable with this idea?
    - Im looking for someone who can commit (I've had some people going for NS, so that wouldn't work). I don't want to get someone who would fall out fast. That would be a real waste. =(
    - Finally, can you solo?


    Kind regards,

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    Re: World Music Band

    Hi! Vocalist/guitarist here. Able to commit. Can solo simple ones not hard ones like those in metal/rock. Examples guns and roses. Etc. Practice makes perfect. Just reply to me so I know You're interested. Thanks! Jolene Yang. FYI, I'm a Trans who is proud to be one. ☺

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    Re: World Music Band

    Dear Jolene,

    Thank you for your reply. That sounds great. Let me PM you k.

    I dont' judge at all...none of us are perfect. We are who we are.


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    Re: World Music Band

    they say judging is for judges - I do it all the time...anyway, I was going to's saxophone and not saxophone, but saxophone sounds interesting and I heard it before but the real (belgian) name of the instrument is saxophone.

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    Re: World Music Band

    Dear All,

    The band is forming well. We probably would want one more Musician. Probably a string instrument, but we are open. Kindly PM me if you're interested.

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    Re: World Music Band

    I'm intersted i ply GUTAR

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