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Thread: looking for a good male partner to form duet

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    looking for a good male partner to form duet

    hi, i am looking for a decent male partner to form a duet. preferably between 28-40, mature, and can either do guitar or keyboard...

    pm me


    ps: also to all newbies singers, wana alert all on a scam company that is "xxx vox pro" that keeps advertising on the gumtree...(they ask their staff to post by nicknames) . they will tell you they are looking for singers for gigs, but when you contact them, they will ask you to go to this building at Ubi and be "auditioned" by their teachers... then they will say you are "talented" and will invite you to join their training programme... the bottomline is you must pay school fees of $600+... this is such a lowclass technique to run a music school in a "hidden dungeon"... all newbies beware... i walked out of that Ubi place without spending a single cent...shame to the "teachers" there...they really think is X-factor recruitment (the producer got the cheek to wear a stupid hat) ....(last time there was another similar company by the name of "XX talents"... dunno if they are related...but their tactics are the same... ad, lure, ask you to sign contract & pay $$$...shameful!"
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    Re: looking for a good male partner to form duet

    u know,

    when i said 'decent', i mean age is decently 28-40, and still....

    a guy aged 41 applied... , and he said he is decent.... ladies... just how decent is that? =(


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