Hi, I haven't been active here....

I've been professionally performing for events (corporate, private, national & international) as well as being a residence musician (regular gigs).
I also love to impart what I know to others. I teach at some International Schools and also do private teaching.

I teach my students to understand the music language (the logic/system behind the music), how we understand guitar fingerboard mapping, to be able to optimize hearing (chords, scale, melody), finger works, and others. Understanding the system will bring us learn faster (rather than just memorizing blindly), it enables us to dismantle the song and build up/re-create it again as we like - that's some creative process we all want to aim.

I teach jazz, fingerstyle (or not so fingerstyle), funk, solo guitar playing ("playing band in the guitar" - as all components from melody, chords, bass line are in a guitar), various grooves/styles (funk, latin, Brazilian, etc), worship songs, strumming, playing in the band and others.
Here're some samples of my teaching :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfyHh8hWsrk (with some tips on the comment section of the link)
Some fingerstyle sample :

Thank you